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Hey all, this is my 182nd post and it will be my last one on this blog. I want to thank all of you for reading along and sharing my adventures at Drake. Although this blog only captured a small piece of both my time here and experiences, it means a lot that you stuck around. I hope that this blog helped all of you gain some insights on how important Drake is, not just to me, but to all my fellow students. So this is thank you and goodbye. If you are curious about my upcoming adventures in China, you can follow them at my new blog: Taking Tianjin. Stay awesome.


For the Social Justice Internship I’m working on, there are six other students involved with different organizations. Tomorrow night one of the other student’s groups is holding an event. The program is Minorities on the Move, and it works toward deconstructing racial stereotypes and the problems that can accompany them. They also really work toward giving kids a voice. The event is tomorrow night at 7 at the Grand Ballroom, Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center. Share the Mic is an event that gives kids the opportunity to share their voices with the rest of the community.  It’s $5.00 for adults, a $1.00 for students and all the proceeds go to the Isiserettes Drill and Drum Corp.

Rain, Rain

Lately it’s been raining a lot, and I’m really digging it. I’ve been working a lot (and also, watching a lot of One Tree Hill). Tomorrow starts the first day of the Kid’s Camp that I’m working for at CFUM. I am really excited to work with the kids and do everything I can to help them this summer. I have a feeling that I’m going to be pretty tired though. I also have to go into the Magazine tomorrow. We’re working on training some new people for when I leave in August. Going to be a busy day!

IMG_0477I went home this weekend really quick to have a celebratory graduation party with my family. A couple of my aunts were in town, and it was really nice to see them. It felt good to have a couple of days at home and hang out with the family. (Plus, I got this awesome cake.) Tomorrow, it’s back to work, both for the magazine and CFUM. The internship with CFUM that I got through Drake is going well, but it’s going to be a lot of work.

I also think it’s about time that I announce to my readership that I will be spending the year (starting in August) in China, with the Teach in China program that Drake offers. Unfortunately, I will no longer be updating this blog starting June 1st, but I will be creating a new one that everyone can follow my adventures in China. Be on the lookout.


Here are the promised pictures from Drake Graduation!


Today we had graduation. After my parents moved my sister out of her freshman dorm at the University of Iowa, they got to come to Des Moines and do the same for me. We moved out my whole apartment yesterday, with my two roommates (it’s amazing how much stuff you can fit in one of those West Village Apartments!). Then today, we had a very nice ceremony, and I had more family in town. We all went out for a late lunch at Centro and it was lovely. I am extremely grateful to all my family and friends who had a hand in my graduation, and of course, Drake. Pictures will be in the next post!

Senior Week

I just realized that I forgot to blog about Senior Week! Senior Week was hosted by the Drake Alumni Association. It was last week and it started on Tuesday. All the seniors could get free Paul Revere’s breadsticks and a t-shirt. Then on Wednesday, Jethro’s had a special menu and we received mugs. Thursday was my favorite day, because all the seniors were invited over to President Maxwell’s house for wine and cheese. My roommate and I had a really good time seeing people from our class, hanging out with Porterhouse and having some appetizers (they even had a chocolate fountain!). 100_8244 100_8232

Finals Approaching

‘Twas the night before Finals and all through the library all the students were studying, even using the dictionary…

Okay, that was lame, but I’m brain-dead from studying and paper-writing.

Tomorrow, finals begins. Eek. My finals have a pretty good variety. I have a portfolio due Monday, an exam on Tuesday, a presentation on Wednesday and a paper due Thursday. Bleh. I’ve spent the last two days writing/studying/reading/preparing and two out of my four things are ready to go (the presentation and the portfolio). I am most nervous about the exam on Tuesday, because that class has been historically my toughest one of the semester. And then after that, I am free to graduate on Sunday. (I mean there’s some real-world work, packing and errands that separate me from graduation. I’m being blissfully optimistic, just let me have this.)

APO: Last Meeting

Today was my last APO meeting, ever. I had a really great time working with that organization; it was a big part of my time at Drake. It helped get my latest internship for the summer, which is awesome. I will be spending five weeks in Des Moines, working on a social justice internship with Children and Families Urban Ministries (the organization that I volunteer for every Thursday) and Drake.

Last Wednesday, I also had my last meeting with SPJ, which is one of groups that really fostered my engagment with the field of journalism  I am starting to get nostalgic about all the organizations and people that I will be leaving behind upon graduation.

These are just examples of the people and organizations that really helped engage me on campus, there are several others.

I have one week and one day of actual class left and then finals commence. My finals week isn’t too bad, I only have one exam (it is comprehensive though, ugh), one presentation, one paper, and one portfolio due. (Okay, maybe it is bad…) But next week isn’t any better. I also have a different presentation, the draft of my portfolio, my final files for my app class and my usual reading assignments. So, maybe I won’t have a life this weekend. Or next weekend, for that matter. You could probably get rid of the ‘maybe.’ But I think that on May 19th, it will all be worth it. I’ll get to walk across that stage and hold the signifier of four years well spent. I couldn’t be happier that I picked Drake and that Drake picked me, and I’m pretty curious to see where it takes me. (Wow, that whole last bit was pretty cheesy, but what’s life without a little nostalgia? And I meant every word.)